Urban Solutions

With offices in Hanoi, Vietnam; Hong Kong, China; and Rotterdam, Netherlands, we are a company that provides advisory services in the urban sector worldwide.

Our Mission

Urban Solutions (US) provides consultancy services in the urban sector for developing countries and transitional economies. Our vision is to help cities function better, improve the quality of urban life, and facilitate a proactive dialogue between policy makers, citizens and entrepreneurs.

Our Areas of Expertise

US specializes in advisory services related to the equitable and sustainable development of the urban sector.  It has the ability to mobilize multi-disciplinary teams from an extensive network of local and international experts to assist national and local governments, bilateral and multilateral agencies, NGOs and the private sector to achieve their objectives. We provide context relevant solutions in sustainable urban management, where we inform policy dialogue and investment decisions by addressing human resource capacity constraints, institutional bottlenecks, policy weaknesses, and environmental impacts arising from rapid urbanisation and the climate change effects. We provide housing policy advice that promotes equitable socioeconomic development through the enhancement of land and housing market performances and affordable housing provision. We also support planning for urban conservation and city revitalization as we acknowledge the relevance of heritage as a resource for socioeconomic development for cities.



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