Greetings from Urban Solutions

We hope you had a wonderful beginning to 2012 and the new year of the dragon.

2010 and 2011 have been eventful for the urban sector and Urban Solutions.  As the globe’s cities continue to develop and expand, Urban Solutions has been entrusted by public and private clients from disparate parts of the world—from Belize to Vietnam—to provide advisory services on the equitable and sustainable development of urban areas.  The scope of projects undertaken by us has been wide and varied, ranging from the assessments of the sustainable development agenda of cities to the advisory of affordable housing provision and heritage preservation in rapidly growing urban hotspots.

Vietnam remains a hotbed of activities and opportunities for Urban Solutions.  With the passage of the new construction, housing, land, and planning laws within the last eight years, national and local authorities have been eager to translate the new legislations into tangible measures.  Climate change and environmental protection have also gained importance in the Vietnamese psyche with the 2007 enactment of the National Target Program to Response to Climate Change.  Through our projects in Da Nang, Hanoi and others, we have tried to integrate these legislative elements into place-based, cross-sectoral responses tailored for our clients.  In all, we are glad to say that we have adhered to our steadfast commitment of propagating urban practices that are both socioeconomically equitable and environmentally-friendly.

On the Urban Discovery front, we are proud to have launched new cycling routes and urban challenge circuits in Hanoiand Hong Kongthat have garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews.  Highlights include the 2011 Summer Hanoi Bar Challenge (featured on the Vietnamese news), which sent ten mixed teams of locals and expatriates to usually-hidden corners of the bustling Vietnamese city.  Hopefully, 2012 will see us further connect urban dwellers to their surrounding environments.  For those who have not participated before, we encourage you to come join us for an adventure as we guarantee you will learn something new about the city you reside in.

Let’s hope 2012 will be a fruitful year for sustainable urban development and we hope this blog will become a useful forum to exchange ideas and resource for you.

We look forward to hear from you,

The Urban Solutions Team